Maintaining your bike – things you can do yourself

In this blog we will give you some tips on how to keep your bike in good condition without spending any money. In fact, following these tips will save you money in the long run as your bike will not break down as fast.

Tip. 1

First of all, we see a lot of bikes with either too much tyre pressure or too little tyre pressure. So, for city bikes we recommend 3.5 bars for the back tyre (50PSI) and 3 bars for the front tyre (45PSI). Not more, not less. This will give you comfort while driving on the rough roads of Maastricht but it is hard enough so that the tyres keep its shape whilst making sure you can get good speed.

We do not recommend pumping tyres without any indicators as this usually ends in either exploding tyres or very soft tyres, both of which result in having to change the tyre and tube which can be quite expensive. If you do pump your tyres without an indicator, make sure the tyre is hard but you are still able to squeeze the tyre slightly. If you notice that the tyre is rock hard, you have pumped too much and you should then release some of the air.

Tip. 2

Wash your bike every now and then. Keeping your bike clean might not sound very technical but it can make a difference for the life of your bike. Dirt and sand can come between bearings over time and that can cause some serieous repairs. Also, bearings can start to make squeeling noises since there is sand in between. Washing your bike once a week will help a lot and will eventually help you save some serious money.

Tip. 3

If you can get your hands on some chain oil and a brush, just put your bike upside down and spin the paddles while you brush some oil on the chain. Doing this once every 2 months will help keep your ride smooth and rust free.

Tip. 4

Lift the back of your bike and spin the back wheel. Is the wheel moving sideways while turning? This means it needs some work. Bring it to a repair shop to get this fixed in time. Also, feel the spokes in the back wheel. Are they moving at all? They have play in them? Then its time to bring your bike to the shop for a check up. These 2 things are indicators that your back wheel is in trouble. The back wheel is the most complicated and expensive part of your bike. It can cost between 70 and 90 euros to replace the wheel.

There you go, a few simple tips that can go a long way. If you have questions you are always welcome to come to our shop @StudentBikeMaastricht and we will always help you out.