3 Things We Do For Free

At StudentBikeMaastricht we try to go the extra mile for our customers. We always like to throw in a useful freebie. So here is a list of things we will never charge you for!

1. Free Check Up
We offer a free check up which means that we can analyze which parts of your bike function correctly and which parts need some attention to avoid bigger repairs in the future.

2. Free bike adjustment to your needs

Adjusting the seat height and the steering wheel height, mounting lights and locks. We do these directly and for free. While some stores charge for such small adjustments (because time is money), we prefer keeping down costs.

3. Free advice about caring for your bike and other things you need to know

We have a lot of international customers and they often need advice regarding their new Dutch bikes and Maastricht in general. We always make sure our customer is well informed on a variety of things before they are sent on their way.
We love to make our customers happy and are always glad to see them return.

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